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Tobias Newman

Tobias Newman

Toby is in his final year at Stanford University and will graduate with degrees in both Art and Architectural Design. He designed his own portfolio site and asked me to do all the coding.

Thanks for putting together a kickass website.

—Toby Newman

Willow Farm

Willow Farm

Willow Farm is a small organic farm in Sonoma County, California. The buildings and grounds provide an ideal location for film and photo shoots and a delightful setting for parties and other special events. The property reflects the beauty and tranquility of the wine country. The website reflects all this with a simple gallery of photos.

Thank you very much, Gary. I'm really pleased with the website, and I enjoyed working with you.

—Sandy Wolfe

NEOS International

NEOS International is a research and engineering company dedicated to discovering innovative technologies that address critical issues affecting the health and well-being of our global community. Their new website showcases their flagship product, the MD-100 modular water purification system.

Riis Burwell • Sculpture

Sonoma County sculptor Riis Burwell needed to upgrade his website with high-resolution photography to showcase his award-winning metal sculptures.

I am an abstract metal sculptor working primarily in bronze, steel and stainless steel creating table-top, wall and large free standing sculpture for galleries and corporate and private commissions. It has been a pleasure working with you on my website and the results speak for themselves! I coudn't be more pleased.

—Riis Burwell

New Century Foundation

The New Century Foundation (NCF) is a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the total wellness of individuals from all walks of life. Yuan Miao and Lama Norbu bring their combined wisdom from Tibet and China to uplift individuals in their search for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fulfillment.

As a non-sectarian organization, NCF works in partnership with both Eastern and Western orientations of wellness.

American Canyon Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Swarnjit Singh, DVM, built a brand new, state of the art animal hospital and wanted a simple, functional and fun website.

Sandra Backovich, MA, MFT

Sandra is a psychotherapist with offices in San Francisco and Berkeley. She wanted a simple, no-frills website where prospective clients can get basic information about her practice.

Karen Hanke Children's Illustration and Design

Karen Hanke designs and illustrates children's books, games and other fun projects. Colorful, whimsical digital artwork for kids- childrens books, magazines, classroom materials, toys, and games.


Universal Wisdom

Universal Wisdom

Beautiful Tibetan healing practices were passed down through a sacred Tibetan lineage and transmitted to Loving Tara by her teacher, Yuan Miao. The system combines mudras (hand gestures that work with accupressure points), mantras (the chanting of sacred sounds), and the visualization of colors - along with breathing, movement, and meditation - to balance the body's energies and promote healing.

You did a great job of capturing the essence of my work. I'm proud to have such a beautiful website!

—Susan Sattler (Loving Tara)

Wild Wing Company

Wild Wing designs, manufactures, and installs a wide variety of nesting boxes to attract owls and other predatory birds for environmentally-friendly pest control.


Coral Garden Inn

A family-friendly beachfront villa just north of Xcalak, Yucatan, Mexico. The two-unit house is powered by solar cells, has internet access and miles of coral reef just offshore. Completely secluded, the town is five miles away. A winter paradise!

Love how you did the maps!! So much info in such a small space. It is really looking great! I want to go there!!

—Ron & Roberta


Sandrew - Your Personal Sommelier

Sandrew is a sommelier - a wine expert. He wanted to promote his services - from consulting and education to pairing foods with wines at weddings, parties and other events - with an online presence. The result is this uncomplicated, efficient website.

Great job on the new website!
Thank you so much!

—Sandrew Montgomery

David Gordon is a scuba diver with a camera. Each year he takes several excursions to a different tropical location and takes gorgeous photographs of the undersea life he encounters. He edits the hundreds of shots he takes down to a dozen or so of the very best, and makes them available for purchase from his website - matted, framed and ready to hang.

DealFlow Media

DealFlow publishes several finance-based newsletters available by subscription and delivered electronically as PDF files. Each publication has an associated conference, a weekly free newswire, and place on the DealFlow website. The challenge was to construct a site that maintained the corporate brand while encompassing all the products, each with its own identity but each a member of the family.

John Burgess Photography

John has been a photojournalist at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat for more than 15 years, and has won more than 100 professional awards. He also maintains an active freelance business, shooting for such publications as People, Newsweek, Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated.

Great, thank you so much! It looks slick. I'm happy I have somewhere to point people who inquire.

—John Burgess

Art for Change

Christine Valenza is a graphic facilitator: a performance artist who uses her graphic skills to record meetings, conferences, and presentations - visually, on big sheets of paper, live, in front of the participants.

Albert Morse, Photographer

Albert was also a lawyer and long-time Sausalito, CA, personality. He represented many underground comics artists and became their hero. But he is especially noted for the large collection of photos he took, collected and published - many of which are still available for purchase.

HMS Division of Nutrition

Harvard Medical School

Harvard's Division of Nutrition has been expanding in size and scope in recent years. There was a need to make their research objectives and teaching and seminar schedules available to prospective applicants. The directors also wanted to bring the latest information on nutrition to the lay pubic.

Visual Insight

Based in Bodega Bay, CA, Visual Insight specializes in visual communication. They conduct workshops, write and publish books, speak about the future of eduction - and facilitate corporate meetigs using the idea of communicating complex ideas with large-scale graphics, done in real time.

It's a challenge to convey our unusual offering of large-scale visuals on a small-scale website. But as always, you succeeded and we have had great response from clients.

—Eileen Clegg, Visual Insight

Wiiken & Gorman

The investment and financial advisors wanted a presence on the Web to expand their business possibilites and better serve their clients.

We are very pleased with your work.  I have referred four prospects to the website since it went up on the 16th.  Two gave us very good feedback and one became a client.

—Paula Wiiken, Wiiken & Gorman

Massachusetts General Hospital

The Pediatrics Mucosal Immunology Laboratory is a scientific research lab at MGH, performing groundbreaking work in the area of gastrointestinal inflamatory disease, probiotics and the organisms responsible for acute bacillary dysentery, one of the most important health concerns worldwide. The Lab wanted a site that would attract students and researchers interested in this field.

Family Backpacker

An information resource for people who want to learn about backpacking with children, from infants to teens. It will also include a base for monthly day hikes and outings for families in the northern San Francisco Bay Area.

Hike Club

A different hike every (almost) month. Read about past hikes, and plans for next month! Pictures!

Institute for the Future

Meno Park-based Institute for the Future is a think tank specializing in helping “clients make sense out of complexity. We forecast critical technological, demographic, and business trends and identify unseen connections across boundaries to help our clients plan successfully for their future.“

The Window into Talent and Learning is a graphical portal to essays and research about learning techniques and talent development. The actual site is on the IFTF server for subscribing members only, but a version is available here, although none of the external links will work.